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Want to know what this program is all about? Let's get right into it...

What is the Candida Crush?

This is a 30 Day Total Digestive System Reset. 👊 It's a type of cleanse designed to help reset and heal your whole digestive system at which point your whole body can start to self heal from whatever ailments it might be struggling with and thrive!  

Our food is our fuel and if your digestive system is compromised it’s impossible for the rest of your body to function optimally. Once our body is able to digest optimally, your body can then do wonders when fueled with amazing nutrition!  

This cleanse is designed to eliminate any unwanted bacteria like Candida overgrowth and SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth), repopulate your digestive system with good bacteria, and start healing the damage that’s been done from infections and other damage done resulting in inflammation. 

Goodbye gas + bloating… Hello regular bowel movements!! 💩👌

This year will be our 7th Annual Candida Cleanse which will be running from Monday, January 11th, to Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 (of course to always be finished before Valentine's Day!)

Keep reading for more details...

Is this Program for me?

This Cleanse is for you if you're looking to: 

  • ️Eliminate gas & bloating 
  • Regulate your bowel movements 
  • Reverse sensitivity to certain foods 
  • ️Increase your energy levels 
  • ️Improve skin complexion 
  • ️Lose weight 
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Strengthen your immune system 
  • *This is not for you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding*
  • So since I'm preggers this year, I'm still going to be following along with the diet protocol,
  • but I'll be sticking to my regular supplement routine.

What's Included?

With your purchase of this life changing cleanse, you will receive: 

1hr BIE (BioEnergetic) Session with Andrea ⭐Cleanse Supplements: Yeast Killer + Probiotic Kit, Detox Organ Support, and Digestive Enzymes ⭐Supportive Essential Oils (doTERRA's Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint in 5ml) ​⭐The Candida CRUSH Recipe Book ⭐Lifetime Access to the Candida CRUSHERS Private Facebook PageOnline Support from Resident Nutritionist ⭐Weekly Lessons + Videos (via Email) ⭐+30 Days of Cleansing with 2 Nutritionists!

Yes, that’s right, we will be doing the Candida CRUSH 30 Day Cleanse WITH YOU!! What a great way to start your New Year by cleansing with not 1, but 2 Holistic Nutritionists!! 👊👊

BONUSES!! Meal Plans (Including a 7 Day Grain Free Option!) ⭐Cleanse Approved Product List ⭐Grocery Shopping List

During your BIE session you'll receive:

✨Your Whole Body Health Profile + Organ Health Chart + 100 Food Item Sensitivity Test (so you can see where your main health imbalances are at the starting point)  

How Does It Work?

BIE BioEnergetics

BIE (BioEnergetics) Session

Prior to the commencing of the cleanse, you will come in for your 1hr BIE session. BIE is a simple, natural and non-invasive process that allows us to re-introduce frequencies onto specific points of the body as a type of cellular re-education. This helps the body start the self healing process by helping to re-establish homeostasis (balance).

For the Candida CRUSH Cleanse, we will be reintroducing the frequencies and rebalancing energetically the following: the Candida Bacteria, Probiotics, Sugars, Insulin, as well as Mercury. This process kick-starts the cleansing process on a cellular level.  

If your body can't recognize what it wants to keep (probiotics) and what it wants to eliminate (yeast), it makes the process harder to achieve. 

Candida Crush Diet Protocol

Diet Protocol

The role of the Diet Protocol in the cleanse is very important. The bad bacteria love to live in an acidic environment. So by alkalizing your body, the Candida bacteria are forced to dramatically reduce their numbers and die off.  

To accomplish this you must maintain a more alkaline diet and reduce the foods that feed and help the Candida grow. To allow digestive healing to occur, we also remove any foods that put excessive stress on the whole digestive process.  

The main guidelines of the Diet Protocol are summarized as follows: eliminate wheat and dairy, avoid sugar of all kinds (including fruit), eliminate all fermented products (vinegars and alcohols), and eliminate coffee as well. 

Candida Crush Supplements

Supplementation Protocol

After over 8 years of helping people heal their digestive issues, the following supplement protocol has been the most effective. 👌 

Supplements Included: Yeast/Bacterial Killer, Probiotics (repopulates), Intestinal Repairing and Restoring Product, Digestive Enzymes, and Detox Organ Support.

Additional support included in the cleanse are doTERRA's Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in 5ml) along with protocols on how to use them during the cleanse.  

Note: if needed, a Parasite Killer, one can be added to the cleanse as well! Double whammy!

Program Pricing

Choose Your Cleanse Package


Complete Candida Crush Cleanse

Best for maximum results

(virtual sessions available)

Price $340

Register Now for Complete Cleanse!
  • 1hr BIE (BioEnergetics) Session with Andrea to kick-start the healing process. Receive your Whole Body Health Profile, your 100 item food sensitivities list, and Organ Health Chart (located in Etobicoke)
  • Cleanse Supplements: Yeast Killer + Probiotic Kit, Detox Organ Support, Digestive Enzymes
  • Supportive Essential Oils (Lemon, Lavender Peppermint, in 5ml)
  • The Candida Crush Recipe Book
  • Meal Plans + Grocery List
  • Approved Products List
  • Weekly Lessons + Videos (via email)
  • Lifetime Access to Candida Crushers Private FB Group
  • Daily Online Support from Resident Nutritionist Jessica

Candida Crush Cleanse Fundamentals

Select if you just want the products + program

(If you're the DIY kind of person)

Price $260

Register Now for the Cleanse Fundamentals!
  • Cleanse Supplements: Yeast Killer + Probiotic Kit, Detox Organ Support, Digestive Enzymes  
  • Supportive Essential Oils (Lemon, Lavender Peppermint, in 5ml)  
  • The Candida Crush Recipe Book 
  • Meal Plans + Grocery List
  • Approved Products List  
  • Weekly Lessons + Videos (via email)  
  • Lifetime Access to Candida Crushers Private FB Group  
  • Daily Online Support from Resident Nutritionist Jessica
  • Includes shipping of all the products to you

Change your mind and want to upgrade after? You can upgrade at any time and book in a 1hr session with Andrea for a BIE Session.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

Are there cheat days on the cleanse?

Unfortunately no. Because you are working at re-establishing the bacterial balance in your digestive tract there are no cheat days. Your gut bacteria (good and bad!) are working 24/7 and so must you.  

What if I forget to take my supplements?

If you forget to take one of your supplements, just try to take it at the next available meal or opportunity. It won’t undo your efforts but it’s also important to try and be regular with your dosage. There isn't a need to double up next dose.  

I take a variety of daily supplements already, do I continue to take them during the cleanse?

Depending on why you’re taking them, it’s often not necessary to take additional supplements while cleansing. I usually recommend you stop taking any general health style of supplements and only take what is necessary. It’s good to give your body a break every once and a while too! 

Do I really need to give up coffee?

Caffeine causes your blood sugar to rise, reduces your insulin sensitivity, and puts stress on your adrenal glands decreasing your immune system, impairing hormonal regulation, and your ability to handle stress! Herbal coffee substitutes are great as are herbal teas. I especially love teas with anti-fungal properties such as cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, licorice, and of course Pau D’Arco  

When can I get started?

The group cleanse starts on Monday, January 13th. If you'd like to start right away, you're more than welcome to. Just ensure that you've either had your appointment with me or received your products before starting. The majority of the activity in the Facebook Group will be during the set 30 days from the 13th to February 11th.  

Does my location matter?

The cleanse can then be done from any location. If you want a BIE session but you're unable to attend for the in-person session with Andrea in Etobicoke, virtual sessions are available. You can also select the Candida Crush Fundamentals package if you want to forgo the BIE Session. Although the BIE Process helps to kick-start the healing and maximize results, you will still get amazing results without a session.  

If I've already done a Candida Cleanse, should I do it again?

I recommend (and personally do) a yearly in depth digestive cleanse. I like to do mine in January because there are normally less commitments and events happening during this time. It's a great way to reset not only your body and digestive system, but also your mindset for the new year ahead. Doing 30 days of clean and healthy eating and living really starts the year off on a healthy foot!  

What if I'm planning a vacation during the cleanse? Should I still participate?

I don't recommend cleansing if you have anyreally big events during the 30 days such as a vacation or wedding, although I have cleansed during a vacation - it's just not as fun. But just remember, there is no perfect time to cleanse. Life doens't stop, and neither do you! Check our your calendar and see if you are able to commit to yourself for those 30 days. If you need to start a week earlier or later, that's no problem. You can also do this program on your own timeline.  

How it all started 

A Note from the Founder

My passion for helping YOU stems from the philosophy that we all have the power within us to heal our body and take our health into our own hands!  

I personally struggled to get my health back on track for years. I had a ton of digestive issues and food intolerances.  

It wasn’t until I addressed my intolerance coupled with an intense gut restoration cleanse that I was able to gain control back of my diet, health, and my life.  

And now I’ve had the amazing pleasure of helping YOU achieve the same results I did and in much less time that it took me to figure out! 👌  

This is why I put together this amazing program, because cleansing doesn’t have to be scary or even hard.  

Starting with the Candida CRUSH 30 Day Digestive System Reset Cleanse is the first step in getting your health back on track. Whatever ailments your body is struggling with, healing your digestive system is where you need to start!  

My personalized cleanse has been effective 100% of the time. YES, 100%!! 

If you follow my protocol for the 30 days, your gut infections will be gone, 100%! Depending on the level of damage that your digestive system has, you might need additional time for healing your gut lining.  

So, are you ready for REAL RESULTS?  

Do something amazing for YOU! Give yourself the Gift of Health and join me on my 30 Day Digestive System Reset: The Candida CRUSH!  

Much love,

Andrea Rossi

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner

Andrea Rossi
Join me in January!


My daughter suffered with food intolerances that weakened her immune system. After doing the cleanse she is now able to eat everything without getting sick. The bonus was doing it with her and after the suffering without caffeine I never felt more energetic and slept great. 


I lost 10 pounds and sleep better at night. I have more energy and an improved sex drive. And I find my taste buds have changed. 


I had never been to a Holistic Nutritionist before meeting Andrea and was (to be fair) skeptical if a more natural path would work for me. HOWEVER...I was so intrigued watching Andrea at work, how she was able to read my bodies habits and cater the Candida Crush specifically to my needs. I was extremely excited to share my experience with family, friends, co-workers alike! Andrea's Recipe Book - AMAZING!! There are so many manageable recipes and recipes that are delicious for entertaining family and friends! I will defiantly continue using the recipe book moving forward! The whole experience has been fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone who experiences allergies or stomach issues to book in immediately - A truly life changing experience! Both my partner and I have altered our eating habits, making better nutritional choices and will continue to do so in the future! We have already planned to repeat the clean in 2020!! 

Tara O’N  

We were totally blown away by Andrea's extensive knowledge, expertise, and intuitive nature in this relatively new field to myself and daughter. My lovely teen daughter has been experiencing a host of digestive, acne and menstruation issues for the past several years. She has visited her G.P., gyne, gastro, acupuncturist and herbalist to no avail. We finally found Andrea through a friend and have not looked back since! She is quite the extraordinary practitioner, truly gifted in her field. Andrea put my daughter on a candida cleanse right away and we saw instant results! Her skin cleared and her stomach is feeling fantastic. I have sent my brother to see her and he's started feeling better already on his cleanse. We are so grateful to have stepped into your office Andrea. My daughter has learned so much from you in just a month. We are looking forward to our continued healing journey together. Mil Gracias :-)  

Monica P  

I lost 9 pounds, feeling lighter and not craving the usual junk food. Horayyyy! Thank Andrea for making it so easy. The cookbook helped so much planning my meals, not scrambling the last minute to find something to eat. The weekly lessons are great, well put together. Satisfying my curios mind. :) I think I can make this a yearly cleanse. After the first few days of being out of sorts following the diet became easy. 


Since the cleanse I no longer HAVE to get up and have a coffee 1st thing, my body is much happier with a meal of protein and veggies, my MIND is more powerful about food than I realized. The recipe book is a game changer - it makes the difference of sticking to the cleanse or not. The recipes were great tasting and easy and taught me new ways to eat healthier. The weekly PDF’s/videos were informative and motivating as they solidified the importance of why we are doing this cleanse.

Kim Robertson, PT, DO(MP)

I lost 10 pounds and sleep better at night. I have more energy and an improved sex drive. And I find my taste buds have changed. Anonymous  

I now have more energy, especially in the evenings. I have a better sleeping pattern, better complexion, and a clearer head space. Linda  

Holistic Harmony