Looking for a "Body Reset" you can complete in just 10 days?

Improve digestion, cut unhealthy cravings, jump start weight loss, and discover the energy you'e been missing with this 10-day Detox!

Join me for the 10-Day Detox starting on Monday, September 23rd.


Includes: 10-Day Detox Guide, Meal Plan and Recipes, Kitchen Clean Out Cheat Sheet, Supporting Supplements ($100 value) + Additional Email Support (Details below)

This complete 10-Day “Body Reset” will help you rebalance your hormones and take back control of your metabolism using the power of whole food eating and toxin elimination. You’ll start with a powerful cleanse designed to give your body a break from the barrage of toxins you normally consume. After this 3-day detoxifying experience, you’ll feel better, look better, and experience more motivation and energy than you have in years. 

Then you’ll eat delicious, nutrient dense foods for the next 7-days to reset your metabolism and support your liver as you continue to detoxify.  

What's Included?


10-Day Body Reset Detox Guide

Use this complete step-by-step guide to learn how toxins are sabotaging your body, how to detox effectively, and how to see results in just a few days.

minimum prep

Detox Meal Plan and Recipes

Meal plans filled with foods you and your family will love. Includes options for vegetrians/vegans. 


Kitchen Clean Out Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet to swap out the snacks you instinctively reach for during cravings, replacing them with just as tasty whole food alternatives.

Supporting Supplements

Additional Email Support

The Detox comes with the following products (value of $100): Probiotics (HMF Intensive), Digestive Enzymes (V-Enzymes), Lemon Essential Oil (doTERRA Therapeutic Grade)

Throughout the Detox you will recieve regular emails with more information on detoxing as well as additional support if needed.

This 10-Day Detox is for you if you're looking to:

  • Improve your digestion + better bowel movements
  • Increase your energy
  • Feel light and energized after a meal
  • Improve your liver detoxification
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Get deeper sleep
  • Cut unhealthy cravings
  • + Jump start your weight loss goals

Wherever it is that you are starting from today, I promise you that once you complete the 10 day detox, you are going to feel transformed!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and BioEnergetic Practitioner who works with those struggling with digestive issues and food intolerances. I’m on a mission to take the fear out of food and help you find relief and naturally heal so you can enjoy all your favorite foods again.  

Doing a 10-Day Detox is a great way to kick-start the healing process. I've included the 3 key supplements to help make this detox even more effective. We start with a high quality probiotic to help your gut flora thrive, a digestive enzyme to help ease the digestive stress, and then a lemon essential oil which is known for it's amazing effects on liver and detoxification support.

I hope you'll join me on Monday, September 23rd to Detox together!

Andrea Rossi 

Registered Holistic Nutritionist + Registered BioEnergetic Practitioner

Start balancing your hormones and discover a hidden energy, motivation, and metabolism you never knew was in you!

Cost $120


Includes all literature, email support, and the supporting supplements valued at $100 on their own! [Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Lemon Essential Oil] 

The Detox will be starting on Monday, September 23th. Registration is open until Tuesday, September 17th to ensure that all orders will be shipped in time. 

Any questions, email: andrea@holisticharmonyhealth.com

Note: May be covered under some Health Benefits. Taxes extra.